1. Welcome back.

    Crap. I’ve neglected this here blog for quite some time. Too long, in fact. Not to wax nostalgic, but in the (relatively) short timeframe of the past 24 months or so, much has changed.

    Here’s a n=1 study of what is new or significantly different from 2010 to 2012:

    61 pins on Pinterest
    29 photos posted to Instagram
    63 mobile photo uploads to Facebook
    1,057 Foursquare check-ins
    16 savings account deposits via mobile banking

    With the exception of my Pinterest pins, all of these actions were completed on my smartphone, which I first purchased in July of 2010.

    My point is, in just 24 months I’ve produced and accessed new content that has changed how I spend my free time, documented my movement, and managed my finances in ways foreign to even a slightly younger version of myself.

    These are just the “useful” data points of the past two years. I’m not prepared to calculate the number of status updates read or things liked on Facebook, news articles browsed, or bus schedules studied. I wouldn’t know where to begin.

    It’s a bit crazy to think that a generation defining show like Seinfeld wouldn’t have been the same if made in the smartphone era, where whole episodes hinged on not knowing where other characters were at any given moment, but a story like Hansel and Gretel and their mobile bread crumbs would.

    How long will it be before children’s stories that DON’T feature technology become dated and ludicrous? Will they be any less interesting?

    Will children one day be as wildly fascinated by the halcyon days of a smartphone/tablet free world as I was growing up reading about Paul Revere’s famous ride? You know, back when it took a little bit more than 140 characters to change the world.

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  3. No Amelia Earhart to be found here. Only lost time.

    No Amelia Earhart to be found here. Only lost time.

  4. I have a whole folder on my hard drive dedicated to “Stuff I like.”

This is no exception.

    I have a whole folder on my hard drive dedicated to “Stuff I like.”

    This is no exception.

  5. Via ffffound

    Via ffffound

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  8. Valuable advice.

    Valuable advice.

  9. Of a (soon to be) life in advertising

    I’m about to start a career in a field I knew nothing about two years ago.

    In that time I feel like I’ve learned a lot. I became a sponge of media, technology, culture, and the business of branding. I’m still humbled by everything I don’t know. And yet there’s a lot out there that I don’t know that I don’t know.

    I was told today by a planning director at one of the top agencies in the world that that is OK.

    That is somewhat reassuring.

    Which makes me want a life in advertising even more.

    These past two years tested my personal and physical resolve. I feel I grew a lot as a person, as a professional. I also feel like I have also lost a lot. Friends mostly. I can only play the “I’m a busy grad school student” card for so long. I plan on making a lot of phone calls in the coming weeks and months just to get back in their good graces and in their lives. Family members are little more understanding. Though they still have no idea what it is I do. Nor can I really explain it. It just is. It is what I love to do.

    I’d much rather not know what it is. I mean I know why I love it. I love it because it’s never the same. There will be one day though when I’ll have a better understanding of what it is. When that day comes, I’ll have to move on to something else.

    I never want to have all the answers. If I believe I have all the answers, then I’ve stopped looking for them.